Do you love good sound? You just breathe it day in and day out? You love great products making a difference for your hard earned money?

Customers around the globe share their huge enthusiasm and passion for Arendal Sound products through forums, Facebook and other social channels. In the last years we have received so much great feedback from our community which is tremendously exciting for our team. We appreciate all of you and it keeps us going to achieve greater products!


Some customers are taking it to the skies. They are not only enthusiasts but they love to join communities where they discuss and share their experience and know-how with fellow enthusiasts around the globe. We have even Facebook Fanclubs starting to pop up which is just awesome. Join the Facebook communities today! Global and Germany linked!

This is huge for us as it shows the love for Arendal Sound products. This is beyond our hopes when we started Arendal Sound, yet our goal was to offer a different and special value for the money which many customers appreciate back.

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