1723S THX Series

You asked. We listened. You got it.

The new 1723 S speakers are a direct supplement to the 1723 Series. They are built to the same quality level and have the same feature and core parts as the rest of our critically acclaimed Arendal Sound 1723 speakers. The goal with 1723 S was to add a matching set of smaller sized speakers, which would seamlessly match the 1723 Series without any form of timbre matching issues whatsoever. Not everyone can have the larger 1723 speakers with the big 8” drivers in their living room or in tight spaces. We have been asked hundreds of times to introduce a smaller speaker with the same qualities as the 1723 series. We did deliver and we are very happy to announce the 1723 S speakers. S for Small.

A key requirement was that the 1723 S speakers should match the 1723 lineup allowing customers to mix and match within the same series without any bottleneck factors. If you have a pair of 1723 Tower and do not have the space for a 1723 Center and 1723 Surrounds, Center S and Surround S will be perfect alternatives.

The 1723 S speakers are smaller, with same quality and timbre match as its bigger brothers.


We did not want to offer a new speaker range but rather extend the original 1723 series. Our customers love the 1723 series. Reviewers loves it. We love it. There were no special reasons to change anything, really. Except size.

Our design is engineered around the heart of our speakers, the highly accurately engineered partnership of the waveguide and tweeter, for total polar response control. With exactly the same tweeter as the rest of 1723 Series and a 6.5” driver near identical to the larger 8” versions, the 1723 S will give the same crisp, detailed highs and the same transparent midrange, resulting in near perfect voice matching.

Size is obviously a factor for anyone who is looking for a speaker. So, we wanted to offer a downsized version of the 1723 speakers with smaller 1723 Tower S, Center S, Monitor S and Surround S. They will all blend in perfectly with any other 1723 speakers and it will be totally up to the customer to mix and match the original with the new 1723 S speakers. We guarantee that you will not degrade quality using the 1723 S speakers. 1723 series, all same quality.

All our 1723 speakers are Certified by the very strict testing protocols of THX Ultra where each speaker must pass a set of 400 measurements. The THX Certification does not mean it is a dedicated home speaker, but rather a guarantee of tight consistency within well-established acoustic parameters. THX Certification is as much about music, as for movies.

The engineers at THX Labs utilize a proprietary scientific testing methodology to ensure the highest audio fidelity possible. All 1723 speakers passed the THX Ultra Certification without any change to the products, meaning our standards already exceed THX Ultra level out of the box!


“If there is anyone who still wonders why this war is being fought, let him look to Norway.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt









Luckily for you and for us, Arendal Sound products are extremely durable products which have gone through extreme stress tests during development.

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